The Versatile Blogger Award

Now this is an award that made me so very happy. I am honored to be conferred of this prestigious Versatile Blogger Award. I am really obliged to receive this from the virtuous Skdarvesh of aromas and flavours. I hope and wish that you keep enjoying my blog posts, and we keep sharing this wonderful bond of peer bloggers. Thank you so very much.


You really are a wonderful chef whose dishes makes my mouth watery

The basic rules of the award state that I have to thank and tag the person who nominated me (That I already did) , give 7 little known facts about me and on my part nominate 15 other deserving bloggers.

Now these are the itsy-bitsy random facts about me:

1. I am Master in Computer Applications.

2. I love reading books, esp Fiction.

3. I love cooking and baking.

4. I enjoy painting and sketching.

5. I love watches and bracelets.

6. I am scared of getting close to birds.

7. I love making beauty products using ingredients I find in the kitchen. 🙂

Now comes the list of bloggers which I feel deserve this Versatile Blogger Award. I am nominating the following blogs because I believe they write very well, and pour their heart out. I enjoy reading their post. So thank you for being connected to me.

The following are my nominations:

1. Digvijay Singta

2. Lalocabrujita

3. Charlottecuevas

4. StevenDavis

5. Eye Will Not Cry

6. Writing to Freedom

7. Damyanti

8. Bryce Gorman

9. Joe Seeber

10. Murtaza Alamshah

11. Michael Domino

12. kelzbelzphotography

13. Play with Life

14. Abozdar

15. Psychosomaticallyinlove

To my nominees, please know that participation is purely optional, no hard feelings on my end! I do not expect any action to be taken, or for you to generate a post (unless you wish to pass on the award nominations).

Happy Blogging!