Almost killed by a sword

Saved by the bell
Tell us about a time when you managed to extract yourself from a sticky situation at the very last-minute.

It was during the riots in 1992 between Muslims and Hindus, we were a family of 5, my mother who was then 30, my aunt who was 26 then, my elder sister who was 8, my elder brother was 7 and I was 3. We were having our meal when stones were thrown on our windows. Our house had doors on both ends. Scared, we all tried escaping from the back door. The moment we opened the door, a huge man was standing there with a sword in his hand. It was very terrifying, and he almost attacked us, when a Hindu old lady stopped him saying, “leave them, she is a widow with 3 small kids”, and we ran barefoot. One of my mom’s friend (a Hindu) dressed mom in an attire that people believe she is a Hindu. Thanks to some good hearted people, we were saved by the bell. Though we lost everything we had, now gradually we earned it back.

Short Story – The Dark Life


While sharpening the blade of his sword, he said without even looking at her “You have to kill them or I’ll kill you” and he said with such ease that it brought chills down her spine. She could not utter a word but nod in agreement. He finally gazed straight into her eyes, and looked into her soul, and she cowered as if she could hide herself from his blazing gaze, an attempt that was not successful. He pointed the tip of his sword on her throat and a drop of blood rushed out. She was aware it was his way to command, and she had scars all over on her face. She bent her head in acceptance of the task assigned and she left to kill yet another set of people she has nothing to do.

She reached to an alehouse where those men usually come for their evening drinks. She pushed the door open, and without wasting another moment, she spotted 10 men she has come to kill, and in next moment she pulled both of her swords and dived into her own daily battlefield. She has mastered the Japanese swords art and she was capable of fighting both handedly. She was quick, and her sharp swipes were biting into the flesh of her preys. This event aroused chaos in the alehouse and people started hustling, but her eyes were quick. When she is in her field, she leaves no stone unturned. She quickly spotted her last victim escaping, and before he could get away, she swooped and sliced his head into two. Her show was pompous and grandeur but no one to applaud; not that she was proud of it anyway. But she was aware her each moves were viewed with detail by her master Steelesticlum. He has this vision to see the unseen, to spectate an event held far away, to read someone’s mind and play with it, to control someone’s life; that’s what he was doing with her. She was great at swords and battles but was at his mercy. She was free to go but he was always following her soul, controlling her mind and body.

She entered her Master’s palace while she was sinking in her guilt for adding yet another ten unknown men in her “Killed List”, she heard the similar applause. She looked at him, and could see his pride. He walked close to her and moved the tip of his knife on her chin, without slicing or even scarring it. She was not as scared of the pain he caused her, as his way of appreciating her work. He pulled her close, pressed his knife below her chin and he did in a way that made her tremble with immense pain it caused. He was enjoying her suffering, and he sucked the blood dripping down her throat from the bruise he made on her chin. He loves to watch others suffer, he was a sadist, and she wondered if he was a vampire, because he always sucked the blood of his preys,  mostly hers. He then left her and she dropped to her knees on the floor.

Walking away he said, “Good job Anaestasia, I am proud of you” and he left the room, leaving her loathing on her life.