Poem – That spring day

That spring day, I was with friends
Your perfect poise caught my gaze.

I was chattering and giggling with them,
but my attention was seized at your end.

I knew you weren’t oblivion of me,
As I snatched you staring at me.

“Love at first sight”, I’ve never believed,
But it’s fidelity I’ve now realised.

On that very day, I found,
A new reason to live, a life to love.

For you are my gratitude,
and my love for you has the highest altitude.

I would always be grateful and thanks worthy,
to that spring day, all my life.

Short Story – Dreams do come true

Some dreams can come true


Walking in the woods, he took her hand and caressed her knuckles with his thumb, she could feel the warm tingles running in her nerves. Her heart was now pounding and she couldn’t look into his eyes. He ceased their walk and held her chin with his index finger and thumb, lifting her head so her eyes meet his. And he said “I have tried a lot and hard enough to stay away from you Anna, but I have terribly failed” and she could feel her eyes popping out in disbelief, he continued “I know we belong to totally different classes and families, and I also know that to be with you I have to rebel my family” and her jaw dropped asĀ  this was the last thing she would have expected him to say. When she didn’t respond he further said “Anna I know I’ve been arrogant but that was because I was trying to build walls around my heart to stop it from falling for you, but now I can’t fight myself, I can no longer convince myself that you are just another girl, because you are not” when he saw she has frozen, he asked “You hearing me Anna? ” and she nodded abruptly realising it’s not her reverie but he indeed is accepting his love for her. She has longed for this moment since the first day she met him. It was love at first sight for her and with every moment passing by, her love for him grew exponentially. She always dreamt of this day but she also knew her dream would never come true because he belonged to the richest family of Southampton and she was the daughter of a man who owned a chicken farm. He then said “Anna will you live the rest of your life with me? I can fight the world for you but I can no more fight my heart against you” then he got down on his knee and said those golden words ” I love you Anna, please make my world a better place by marrying me” And she could not say a word but her eyes spoke on her behalf. She did something that no girl does on such occasion. She too got down on her knees and said “My dear, the day my eyes fell on you I’ve accepted you knowing that nothing could happen between us, but you were in my reveries and your proposal was so extravagant that you surpassed all my dreams. I’ve already imagined how it would be marrying you and let me tell you, it’s heavenly. Now I ask you, will you marry me Ethan?” after hearing what she said he could no longer contain his happiness and he kissed her knuckles, got up, pulled her up in his embrace and enamored her with all the love he had been hiding inside all the while.

Anna got her Ethan and everyday of her life is more whimsical than she could have ever imagine.