Forgive Others, if you want to be happy

I believe holding grudges is a total waste of your energy, at a loss of your mental peace. Everyone holds grudges, some do it at early stages of life but with time they mature and realise it’s not worth it. Some hold it till they die. It is not possible to get rid of it completely, for say, I may still hold a grudge somewhere in my heart for some people who did lot of bad things to me (well that doesn’t cause me much of pain since they do not matter to me), but I flush off that bad feeling when it is related to my loved ones. I believe the clearer the air, the clearer you see, so don’t keep yourself and the other person (your loved one) in fog, clean it away and then your life, health and nervous system would be cleaner and your life would be more peaceful.

If not for anything else but for your mental peace, get rid of the grudge for people who are important for you.


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