Weirdest Proposal

She opened her car’s door, got in, ignited the engine, and drove towards the shopping mall. It was pretty late in the evening but it was still a very hot day because it was summer. This year the summer was extremely hot and most of the young crowd went for vacations, so the old crowds were indoors and the streets were empty. As she took the right turn, she felt some movements in her rearview mirror, so she tried looking behind but couldn’t look properly as she was driving, and since the road was dark and deadly, she kept driving. But before she could reach a safe zone, an arm grabbed her mouth from behind and she panicked. Her stirring wheel went out of control, so did the car. He whispered beside her ear “Let’s not kill ourselves” and she felt numb. Instead of slowing down, she dashed her car on a wall.

Her heartbeats quickened, and she felt suffocated, he said in a heavy voice “Lady you could have killed us! That’s why I hate lady drivers” and she got the urge to bite his arm in anger, the most she hated was someone pointing her driving skills. He said in a cold voice “I’ve got knife, so shut up, as no one can hear you. Now I would pull off my arm from your mouth” and he did, but she couldn’t word her feelings, she was shut. He came and sat beside her, and said “Lady what’s your name?” but she couldn’t answer him, he repeated “What’s your name lady? Speak up” and she stammered “Ch-chriss-ty”, and he introduced himself pointing the knife at her “I am Stephen Clarke, from your college, and I really like you, so would you agree to come on a date with me?”


300 Words Story – For Daily Post – Flash Fiction writing