Yes! I am Crazy

Crazy is the name for me!

I don’t know if someone else does the same thing, but I am a person who does something repeatedly if I like something.

Instance 1: Like it’s a hot summer day, and I am out, shopping. I wouldn’t eat a thing, and drink watermelon juice 4-5 full glasses in one shot. Or probably apple juice.

Instance 2: I would read a book (mostly a love story) and I love it so much, that I start reading it again, just after I’ve finished it. I have done it with 2-3 books, one of them is “See Jane Score”

Instance 3: I would watch a movie repeatedly if I love it. Sometimes 2 shows back to back. I have done it with many movies, just lately I did it for “27 Dresses”

Instance 4: I am all tired and I wouldn’t do anything, but then I would get sudden urges to paint something, or do some other hobby, and I’d put on my artistic gears and get on with my show. Please keep cribbing about this habit of mine. But I really can’t help it.

Instance 5: For say, I got to hear of some hair oil, or some serum, or whatever something that’s expensive and sometimes hard to find (like Moroccon Oil) I would do plenty of internet surf about it. Read and read through them, watch lots of YouTube videos. Search anywhere and everywhere, and buy it. I have huge set of oils at home, probably collect any oil I have heard good words about (I am referring to Hair oil).

Instance 6: I love experimenting, I totally do. I would experiment with spices in my meal, some drinks that may taste not so good, I would do it with home made face/hair masks. I have done many such things, most turned out well.

I love being crazy, actually I love being me. I am the melodramatic queen. I over react many a times, I can throw tantrums. On the other side, I would be calm and understanding. I can be hanging out, going out with friends, and sometimes I stay home all weekend watching tv, wearing the most comfortable old pajamas, hair in bad shape, being a couch potato.

I love movies, I love them all. I can watch most kinds, like love story, comedy, thriller, horror, sci-fi, action, classics (Both Hollywood and Bollywood). I love any kind. Movies like books, show you a different world, take you to places you have never been, let’s you experience things you never had. Movies show you a picture of how things are, whereas books, flourish your imagination by leaving things upto you. It let’s you see a world through words.

My mind makes up stories most of the times. I enjoy imagining. My mind repeats the events occurred to me, and design it in a different way. I love the way my mind works, attimes it puts me to situations I don’t like but then probably my brain gets bored and needs some entertainment 😉

This was a small sneak peek in my crazy little head 🙂

Poem – Life my way


As much as I love the sky,
I hate when someone pry.

For I like the feel of wind in my hair,
I flap my wings and fly in the air.

I am that bird who is free,
Who lives the life as each new day.

I am the one responsible for my life,
Don’t care of who would be my husband and I his wife.

My finger is empty but my heart is full,
Of love and care, and my mother’s lull.

Pretty are my dresses, taller are my pumps,
Careless is the way, I shoppe in lumps.

My nails are colored, in colors of rainbow,
My hair is curled, and I am wearing a bow.

I flatter my eyes, and don’t shed a single tear,
For life is a gift, live with no regret and no fear.

My lips are red, and I blush pink,
For I look good to make others shrink.

Because I love others and I love life,
I speak sugary, and not with knife.