When the days go dark, and the nights are black,

I BELIEVE, that brightness will be back.


When I feel lone, and sadness creep,

I BELIEVE, that this phase will leap.


When love is lost, and pulse is high,

I BELIEVE, there is God on whom I can rely.


When things get blur, and I weep,

I BELIEVE, soon I would get a blissful sleep.


For I Believe, there is a ray of light that will eat up the darkness.

For I Believe, there is a pinch of love that will wipe away the pain.

For I Believe, there is a hand that will pull me back.

For I know, there is always a reason to believe.


Ring of Fire – You’ve got to eat it

How can one avoid Hot and Spicy meal, when the weather is cool, it’s raining outside, and you can eat Onion and Chilly pakodas with spicy green chutney and tomato ketchup, sitting on your couch, enjoying your favorite shows on TV. So I may avoid spicy meal otherwise but some days you just don’t care about tomorrow, you and your stomach wants to finish off all the spicy meal 🙂



My worldly Possessions and inner joys

My worldly possessions


My priced possession is my phone, Samsung Galaxy S3, I do almost everything on it. I read from eBooks, articles, I search whatever doubts I have. I find and learn new words from the Dictionary App, I watch American TV series, movies. I stay connected. I write most of my blogs on it, laying on my bed (I am a night writer, because it’s the time when I think).

And another possession is my mini Eiffel tower, I am in love with it.

My inner Joy!

It’s a joy in pouring my imaginations in words, thinking of stories that do not exist.

It’s a joy to paint your imaginations, a colorful canvas.

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My Life in Figures of SIX

When I was 6, I was this silent girl who loves dolls, her mini kitchenware, talking to the walls, instead of punching a bully, sobbing all night.

When I was 16, I loved painting, sketching, and was a big time studious, was much confident, represented my class. But I was this most sensitive person, I would punch a bully just because I think he bullied me. Now when I think back, probably I used to overreact.

Now that I am turning 26, I am panicking, as if I am getting too old. Worried I should earn more and more, learn all the hobbies I had, like sewing, glass painting, blah blah, because I couldn’t do them before. But yeah! My life’s good, except for I am putting on some unwanted weight and struggling to get rid of it.

When I think of being 36, I think I would have a loving husband, a kid or two, be a cool mom, continue to have the job I have now, probably have HUGE fan following on my blogs, write a book, and yeah lose some weight. And yes! Have a vacation in Paris 🙂

At the moment I can’t imagine being 46, so probably when I turn 36, I can decide 🙂

My Life in Figures of SIX