Moving Clouds


What’s so beautiful when they are in crowd,
They fill the sky and yes! they are moving clouds.

I know I am partial when it’s earth and sky,
I love it, because I wish to fly.

My dreams are big, and I would achieve,
For it’s me, whom I believe.

I love the sky when the clouds are in abundance,
I wish to reach out, and touch them at once.

When I see the dark and dreary clouds,
I also see the bright clouds behind them from the openings in them.

For I know my bad days would end,
When I look at how clouds turn white in the end.

It’s clouds who protect us from the heat of the sun,
We enjoy the day, while it burns.

I know I am biased when it’s trees or clouds,
For I love them because they make me proud.

P.S: Written after being inspired by the beauty of moving clouds while travelling in train.