Moving Clouds


What’s so beautiful when they are in crowd,
They fill the sky and yes! they are moving clouds.

I know I am partial when it’s earth and sky,
I love it, because I wish to fly.

My dreams are big, and I would achieve,
For it’s me, whom I believe.

I love the sky when the clouds are in abundance,
I wish to reach out, and touch them at once.

When I see the dark and dreary clouds,
I also see the bright clouds behind them from the openings in them.

For I know my bad days would end,
When I look at how clouds turn white in the end.

It’s clouds who protect us from the heat of the sun,
We enjoy the day, while it burns.

I know I am biased when it’s trees or clouds,
For I love them because they make me proud.

P.S: Written after being inspired by the beauty of moving clouds while travelling in train.

Poem – Melted in your gaze


Weren’t looking for someone,
When you came in my life.
Probably would have valued you more,
The beauty of your eyes when you looked me at the bash.
The way you held that glass of wine,
Your fingers curling around it with ease.
If I was in a comic book,
I would have popped a thought cloud with hearts on it.
I melted in your gaze,
Like an ice cube in sun that blaze.
When you offered your hand for a dance,
I went blank by your queer glance.
My hand landed on your hand in an instance,
and your fingers curled gracefully on the small of my back.
I felt the chink in my armour,
That until now protected my heart.
Your power so strong and cunning,
my armour melted in your sinew.
I felt so exposed, that I quivered,
your arms held me tight and I felt home.
My suit of armor no longer is effective against you,
I gave you my soul, in a hope you don’t demulsify it.

Poem – Life my way


As much as I love the sky,
I hate when someone pry.

For I like the feel of wind in my hair,
I flap my wings and fly in the air.

I am that bird who is free,
Who lives the life as each new day.

I am the one responsible for my life,
Don’t care of who would be my husband and I his wife.

My finger is empty but my heart is full,
Of love and care, and my mother’s lull.

Pretty are my dresses, taller are my pumps,
Careless is the way, I shoppe in lumps.

My nails are colored, in colors of rainbow,
My hair is curled, and I am wearing a bow.

I flatter my eyes, and don’t shed a single tear,
For life is a gift, live with no regret and no fear.

My lips are red, and I blush pink,
For I look good to make others shrink.

Because I love others and I love life,
I speak sugary, and not with knife.

Poem – That spring day

That spring day, I was with friends
Your perfect poise caught my gaze.

I was chattering and giggling with them,
but my attention was seized at your end.

I knew you weren’t oblivion of me,
As I snatched you staring at me.

“Love at first sight”, I’ve never believed,
But it’s fidelity I’ve now realised.

On that very day, I found,
A new reason to live, a life to love.

For you are my gratitude,
and my love for you has the highest altitude.

I would always be grateful and thanks worthy,
to that spring day, all my life.


When the days go dark, and the nights are black,

I BELIEVE, that brightness will be back.


When I feel lone, and sadness creep,

I BELIEVE, that this phase will leap.


When love is lost, and pulse is high,

I BELIEVE, there is God on whom I can rely.


When things get blur, and I weep,

I BELIEVE, soon I would get a blissful sleep.


For I Believe, there is a ray of light that will eat up the darkness.

For I Believe, there is a pinch of love that will wipe away the pain.

For I Believe, there is a hand that will pull me back.

For I know, there is always a reason to believe.


Poem – Losing a friend

My dear friend, don’t be afraid
I am here, you won’t be betrayed

With every beat, of my heart
I would always be at every start

Aware that friends, you have many
I am just another, for you not worth a penny

Walk away, from me you do
I can’t choose a path, different from you

For my love, you may not value
I can’t seem to find a way to beguile you

Precarious I am, on your wish
I cannot stand this anguish

One day, you may find me a necessity
I may not be disposed, you may be undesirable.

Poem – The Remembrance

I still remember, the feel of raindrops on my skin
The dripping of droplets, the splashing of water on the streets

Building paper boats, racing them in the water flow
Hustling on the muddy streets, jumping in the puddles

Now I sit in my porch, witness the beauty
Water surging down the leaves, the waving of the trees.

I wish dancing in the rain, soaking the joy
Carefree of the world, apathy of the judgements

But I am sluggish and I renounce
I stifle my acts, I strangle my passions

Always on the qui vive, forsake my longings
Because I am no more myself but a version of a person others want me to be.