It’s About Me



Hey there! 

Few facts About Me



I am a Software Developer by job and training.
I am passionate about Coding and Software Development and I work mostly on iOS development (MonoTouch/ Xamarin iOS), .NET (Traditional and MVC) and SQL. In my spare time I am a Do It Yourself-er, and I often end up trying home made remedies/ masks for Hair and Skin, I love them because there are no chemicals in that. Being a girl, I do have few traits that enjoy occasionally decking up, I enjoy reading Books, mostly of literary, romance, Teen flicks genre, and when I start reading I am all sucked up in that. I enjoy watching American TV Series mostly of Comedy, Thriller genre. I enjoy watching movies of most genres. I am a great appreciator for Animated movies/ series, I enjoy looking at the detailed work. Another spare time activity is Sketching and Painting or at the least Calligraphy. I like to cook and bake. I am a big time Foodie and I love Food. I enjoy experimenting with my taste buds.





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