Book Review: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
Series: Stand Alone
Published by St. Martin’s Press on February 26th 2013
Genres: ContemporaryRomanceYoung Adult
Pages: 652
Format: eBook






I picked this book, because yeah I love “Opposites Attract” thing, and so this caught my eye. Also I enjoy reading innocent teenage books.




God.. the ending is sooo unexpected. Leaves me thinking of all the possibilities (good ones). This is the only book that made me relive my school days. It was innocent and beautifully written by Rainbow Rowell, and I would rather thank her for flashing back my school days to me. It was such a sweet love story and the cover picture is just so appropriate and cute. Once I was through this book, I could relate the characters to the cover page. Yes Park and Eleanor hearing punk music 🙂

I am whirling and feeling giddy with so much of emotions stirred in me by this book. I liked the characters, they are unique and oh-so-lovable.
I can hardly recall reading a book where the boy isn’t handsome/tall, but a cute Asian guy (I like it) and so unique in character. Park was strong willed and loved Eleonor unconditionally. Eleanor was so madly into him..that somewhere before ending I couldn’t understand her behavior of not reading the letters. Probably couldn’t step into her shoes.

I liked the way Rainbow Rowell made me feel about their first hand hold, about the gradual touch of arms. It made me feel a teen again. I am so glad I read this book. I have almost forgotten how it feels to be a young teen, since all the books go much beyond the innocence. I just forgot it is a lot fuss when you are an innocent teen, even holding hands. I am still reeling over it. I am short of words to express my feelings. I loved Park. So much that I wish I had found one when I was in school 😉

I of course enjoy those books more when both the lead characters have their share of feelings expressed, and here this book had it all.

OMG..I really don’t know how to feel about it. I would definitely read it again. Such innocent book, and nothing was there that I could assume beforehand.



I can hardly recall reading a book where the boy isn’t handsome/tall, but a cute Asian guy (I like it) and so unique in character. Park was strong willed and loved Eleonor unconditionally. So yeah, the girl isn’t beautiful neither does she makes an effort to look one. The boy doubts if he is gay, because he isn’t macho looking. He is Asian, and is short, though is strong enough because of Taekwondo training. He also kind of likes to do eye make up which makes him feel like a character from a comic book. Also because his mom is a beautician.

So PARK and ELEANOR are unique character in themselves to stand out.


The story goes as:

Eleanor is shifted to this town, and into new school with her Mother and Step-father. They are pretty poor, and so her attire is much boyish and unusual. No one let’s her sit beside them  in bus, and Park unwillingly offers her the seat beside him. The gradual closeness, the events how they start the conversation. The first time Park holds Eleanor’s hand in bus (OH MYYY MYYY), it felt good even reading about it. The way he doesn’t understands why he loves her, but he does. The way Eleanor is so insecure of how and why would a boy like Park loves her. Well its beautiful. It is definitely worth reading.





“What do you want to show me?”

“Nothing, really. I just want to be alone with you for a minute.”

He pulled her to the back of the driveway, where they were almost completely hidden by a line of trees and the RV and the garage.

“Seriously?” she said. “That was so lame.”

“I know,” he said, turning to her. “Next time, I’ll just say, ‘Eleanor, follow me down this dark alley, I want to kiss you.'”

She didn’t roll her eyes. She took a breath, then closed her mouth. He was learning how to catch her off guard.

She pushed her hands deeper in her pockets, so he put his hands on her elbows. “Next time,” he said, “I’ll just say, ‘Eleanor, duck behind these bushes with me, I’m going to lose my mind if I don’t kiss you.'”

She didn’t move, so he thought it was probably okay to touch her face. Her skin was as soft as it looked, white and smooth as freckled porcelain.

“I’ll just say, ‘Eleanor, follow me down this rabbit hole…'”

He laid his thumb on her lips to see if she’d pull away. She didn’t. He leaned closer. He wanted to close his eyes, but he didn’t trust her not to leave him standing there.”
— Rainbow Rowell (Eleanor & Park)


“I don’t like you, Park,” she said, sounding for a second like she actually meant it. “I…” – her voice nearly disappeared – “think I live for you.”
He closed his eyes and pressed his head back into his pillow.
“I don’t think I even breathe when we’re not together,” she whispered. “Which means, when I see you on Monday morning, it’s been like sixty hours since I’ve taken a breath. That’s probably why I’m so crabby, and why I snap at you. All I do when we’re apart is think about you, and all I do when we’re together is panic. Because every second feels so important. And because I’m so out of control, I can’t help myself. I’m not even mine anymore, I’m yours, and what if you decide that you don’t want me? How could you want me like I want you?”
He was quiet. He wanted everything she’d just said to be the last thing he heard. He wanted to fall asleep with ‘I want you’ in his ears.”
— Rainbow Rowell (Eleanor & Park)


“Eleanor was right. She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.”
— Rainbow Rowell (Eleanor & Park)


“What are the chances you’d ever meet someone like that? he wondered. Someone you could love forever, someone who would forever love you back? And what did you do when that person was born half a world away? The math seemed impossible.”
— Rainbow Rowell (Eleanor & Park)


“Nothing before you counts,” he said. “And I can’t even imagine an after.”

She shook her head. “Don’t.”


“Don’t talk about after.”

“I just meant that… I want to be the last person who ever kisses you, too…. That sounds bad, like a death threat or something. What I’m trying to say is, you’re it. This is it for me.”
— Rainbow Rowell (Eleanor & Park)


“Damn, damn, damn,” she said. “I never said why I like you, and now I have to go.”
“That’s okay,” he said.
“It’s because you’re kind,” she said. “And because you get all my jokes…”
“Okay.” He laughed.
“And you’re smarter than I am.”
“I am not.”
“And you look like a protagonist.” She was talking as fast as she could think. “You look like the person who wins in the end. You’re so pretty, and so good. You have magic eyes,” she whispered. “And you make me feel like a cannibal.”
“You’re crazy.”
“I have to go.” She leaned over so the receiver was close to the base.
“Eleanor – wait,” Park said. She could hear her dad in the kitchen and her heartbeat everywhere.
“Eleanor – wait – I love you.”
— Rainbow Rowell (Eleanor & Park)


“I don’t like you, Park. Sometimes I think I live for you”
— Rainbow Rowell (Eleanor & Park)


“Nothing was dirty. With Park.
Nothing could be shameful.
Because Park was the sun, and that was the only way Eleanor could think to explain it.”
— Rainbow Rowell (Eleanor & Park)


“It was the nicest thing she could imagine. It made her want to have his babies and give him both of her kidneys.”
— Rainbow Rowell (Eleanor & Park)


Happy Reading!


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