The Leibster Award

It was a real delight and honor to get the notification of being bestowed the prestigious Liebster Award. I am really obliged to receive this from the virtuous Digvijay Singta. I hope and wish that you keep enjoying my blog posts, and we keep sharing this wonderful bond of peer bloggers. Thank you so very much.


The Liebster Award

Let’s spread the joy through our words, imagination, and stories.

The basic rules for the Liebster Award are as follows:

1.  Thank the blogger who gives it to you.

2.  Answer the eleven questions he/she asks.

3.  Nominate eleven bloggers with less than 500 followers.

4.  Ask these eleven bloggers eleven questions.

5.  Let these eleven bloggers know that they have been nominated.

Now these are the following questions that were required of me to be answered. Here it goes:

Q.1. To you, blogging is ____________________?
A.1- To me, blogging is my “Wonderland”, where I create these beautiful characters, they are like my babies. A place where I share my imagination and which is appreciated. A place where I learn from the talents of so many people, and must say I have been helped by many bloggers when I used to get stuck while coding.

Q.2. If you were a billionaire, the first you would do would be?
A.2- A world tour for a year! Ofcourse first I would do some investments so the money keeps flowing *smart*. I wish to capture the beauty of the world in my camera and my eyes. And yes would spend a share of it in charity.

Q.3. Your favorite Network Shows or Sitcom, if any. Or one that you would wanna watch.
A.3- I am not a Sitcom person, I prefer watching the shows in a go and not wait for each episode a week! There are some which I enjoyed, but I would mention the top ones. HIMYM-all seasons! It’s such a fun show to watch and I loved the group. They were fun and Legendary. Another would be, Homeland- I was totally absorbed in it, and I had strond feeling as if it was happening in real.

Q.4. What does freedom mean to you?
A.4- Freedom to me is, living your life on your own terms, doing things which you like, when you like. But also freedom is Independence, earing your own money and spending it for yourself and your loved ones.

Q.5. What is that One thing you almost cannot live without during the day?
A.5- Oxygen! Seriously I just can’t live without it. And yes even water and food 🙂

Q.6. Friends or Family?
A.6- They both are equally important for me. There are things you can only do or share with your friends but same way there is a unique bond that you have with your family.

Q.7. Are you an Evolutionary or a Creationist?
A.7- Creationist I would say. Yeah I can be influencing at times by my actions or words, but I am no way evolutionary.

Q.8. Name one place where you could spend all your life?
A.8- Well, my dream places to visit include: London, Canada(Vancouver), Paris. But I love India to be precise Mumbai, and I doubt I would love it somewhere else, though I am not so sure.

Q.9. Which sports team do you share your interests with?
A.9- Cricket- India and England, IPL- Mumbai Indians. Otherwise I am not much into sports.

Q.10. One memory from childhood that makes you go laughing like mad men.
A.10- My elder brother always teased me a lot when we were kids (yeah he still does) but when we were kids, I used to get annoyed (Now I don’t). So he used to do a lot of things to annoy me, for instance, he would rub the bitter medicinal syrup on my lips, put something really stinky to my nose. I used to get bugged but now those memories makes me smile at random moments. Though not like mad men.

Q.11. What is the best bodily feature you possess?
A.11- HaHa! Do you expect me brag? Anyway I have been complimented for my nose, and eyes. And yes feet(I have kind of feet that looks pretty while wearing girly shoes *at least that’s what people told me*).

Now comes the list of bloggers which I feel deserve this Liebster Award. I am nominating the following blogs because I believe they write very well, and pour their heart out. I enjoy reading their post. So thank you for being connected to me.

The following are my nominations:
1. ViewSplash

2. Kate Bortell

3. Jamila

4. Tattered Tramp

5. Khawaja Ahmad

6. Darkyblue

7. Guy Lamy

8. Aarya

9. Sharmishtha Basu

10. A Life Moment

11. Lita Doolan

To my nominees, please know that participation is purely optional, no hard feelings on my end! I do not expect any action to be taken, or for you to generate a post (unless you wish to pass on the award nominations). That said, if these lovely bloggers would like to participate with their acceptance of the Liebster Award, here are the questions to answer:

Q.1- What was the first thought when you named your blog?

Q.2- Mountains or Ocean? Which person are you?

Q 3- What is your favorite cuisine?

Q.4- Which sports do you like? Which team do you support in that respective sport?

Q.5- City life or Country life?

Q.6- Do you like to read books? If yes which genre?

Q.7- One thing you never forget to carry with yourself?

Q.8- Sweet tooth or Savory?

Q.9- Which weather do you like?

Q.10- Your favorite fast food, if any?

Q.11- Which genre movies you like?

Happy Blogging!


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