Poem – Melted in your gaze


Weren’t looking for someone,
When you came in my life.
Probably would have valued you more,
The beauty of your eyes when you looked me at the bash.
The way you held that glass of wine,
Your fingers curling around it with ease.
If I was in a comic book,
I would have popped a thought cloud with hearts on it.
I melted in your gaze,
Like an ice cube in sun that blaze.
When you offered your hand for a dance,
I went blank by your queer glance.
My hand landed on your hand in an instance,
and your fingers curled gracefully on the small of my back.
I felt the chink in my armour,
That until now protected my heart.
Your power so strong and cunning,
my armour melted in your sinew.
I felt so exposed, that I quivered,
your arms held me tight and I felt home.
My suit of armor no longer is effective against you,
I gave you my soul, in a hope you don’t demulsify it.

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