The Moonlit Night

It was dark dreary night, and I could hear the wolves howling, the air was cool and I got goosebumps all over my body. The only two good things about this night was the beautiful moon in the sky, and the beautiful man at my side. The sky was pit black and the clouds surrounding the moon were in the shades of grey, the moon was full and sheen with silver lining, the sky was in perfect shades like some wild painting. The man beside me was French named Louis that I met at the camp. We both went out to explore the wild and got lost. He has this chocolate brown hair, with coffee brown tips. His eyes are hazel brown and his skin is a perfect blend of fair and tan. His lips are pink and thin. What made him more beautiful was the moonlight pouring on him, he dazzled like an angel, with his wings hidden behind. It could have been a perfect romantic night if it was a park, and not real woods with wild animals somewhere around us. His English was as weak as my French and we only spoke through bits of both the languages and signs. Trust me it was damn romantic like we both are the only survivals in the world, or probably we were in some magical land.


I was lost in my reverie when Louis called out probably second or third time “Ey-llahhh”, that’s how he pronounces my name, to be clear my name is Ella. I looked at him apologetically and asked “Oui?”
“I-see-water” and he points to the lake. I am startled by the beauty, it is heavenly. The lake water looks dark but the section where the moonlight pours glisten, I wish I had my camera. We both went towards the lake, and suddenly he held my hand, probably to match his walking speed. My throat was now dry, out of mesmerizing nature’s beauty, and with this sudden tremors of pleasure erupting in my veins on the touch of his skin. He looked at me and said each word with a body movement depicted it, like a kid reciting a nursery rhyme “This-can-be-poisonous” he pulled in a great amount of oxygen as if he is making a huge effort and said “can-have-dead-animals”.

Boom! All my romantic mood was crushed by the thought of a dead animal floating in this gleaming water. I no more feel thirsty and I sit on the first big rock I see. He comes and sits beside me silently, our arms slightly touching each other and our eyes pinned to the sky, gulping down the grandeur night, the gleaming of the stars, the splendor moon.


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