500 word story – A doll changed my Life



One evening I was working on the fifth chapter of my book, when the doorbell rang. I hate being interrupted between my stories. I walk to the door, and find a delivery boy, holding a huge box. He hands me a Nextel device to sign, and I ask him to keep the box inside. I close the door and gaze at the box for several heartbeats. I look for some tag or a gift card on the box but found none. I take a deep steadying breath before heaving the box, only to realize it’s not as heavy as it appears. I place it on the study table beside the door, above the table on the wall is an antique vintage gold gilt wooden carved mirror made in 1684, which I purchased from Italy last year not only because the mirror was beautiful, but also there was something unfathomable about it. I notice that the box is fastened with a lot of tape. I get the knife from the kitchen and start snipping the box from the edges. Now I am intrigued to see what’s inside. When I open the box, I gasp and hop backward. There is a filthy old china doll, in dirty white gown with frills on the sleeves, and sky-blue under-gown. She has those dark eyes with mascara flowing down her cheeks, as if she had been weeping. Her hair is mussed up and she looks ghostly. Hoping it’s a poor prank by my friends, I gather all my courage and walk towards the doll, to search for some card or message, but couldn’t find any.


My eyes were pinned to that doll, maybe because I wanted to see if she animates. I was never good with dolls, and when I was a kid I always preferred cars over dolls. Dolls and clowns frightened me. People used to dub me as “Tomboy”, but seriously is it mandatory for a girl to be fond of dolls? As my thoughts started drifting to my childhood, I felt as if the doll was leering at me. I quickly discard this thought and studied the doll, and wondered if such dolls are made intentionally or if with years they become so appalling. Her eyes were scaring me off. I wonder why anyone would want to buy such a creepy object. I feel as if the distance between us is slowing diminishing, and I quickly verify if the table is stuck to the wall and I realize I am just hallucinating. But suddenly her left eye pops out and the lights go off. I hear a blast in the room and it goes pitch-black for a minute and I am completely lost. When I gain consciousness I see the doll in the mirror and the box has vanished. I see a note on the wall behind the doll, probably from the sender. I try to turn to read it, but I cannot move. Then I realize it’s me in the mirror.


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