Obsolete Technology – Rotary Dial Telephone

I miss those Rotary dials.


As a kid I loved those telephones. They extinguished long back, but as a kid I enjoyed playing with that dial. It was at our place till I was 5 years old. My mother always complained that people say our line is always busy. It was because I and my siblings played with the rotary dial. It was fun the way it rolled back to it’s position.

In response to Daily Post – Going Obsolete

2 thoughts on “Obsolete Technology – Rotary Dial Telephone

  1. ah, I have not thought about these phones in a long time! I miss them too, my Dad had a green one he hung onto until he passed away two years ago, never changed to anything more modern, no cell phone, nothing. Funny what images we hang on to. Great blog!

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