Shattering of a heart

I had always thought it would not be difficult to forget you, atleast for a week from the day you walked off. The door banged when it closed after you left sharply, and the pain smack-dabbed right at the core of my heart. I thought I would do fine, I thought I can pull it off easily. How wrong was I? with every passing day, the hollow in my heart grew wider and the pain penetrated deeper. The room smelled of you, I could feel you in the air. The day passed in grief, and I weeped. The nights I struggled to put myself to sleep. I clamped my pillow and hugged it tight to fill the emptiness of my soul and make it alright. As I drift to sleep, I was happy again, because there I had you. My dreams were peaceful, and I didn’t wish to wake up.

That day at supermarket, when I saw you with her, I could hear the shattering of my heart in countless pieces. I knew I could never fix them together, and my vision blurred. If only you could see my love for you, you would have never left.


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