Inspirational – God’s timing is impeccable


Ever thought why don’t you achieve something you have worked hard enough for? Ever thought why are you still single while your friends are engaged or married? Well I believe everything has a time where it has it’s optimum value. If you get it earlier, you may not value it as much as you should,  if you get it later, it may lose its value totally. I am no way saying that you should not work hard to achieve what you dream or are passionate about, but don’t be disheartened. I believe, give your best shot, when the time is right,  everything will fall into the right place. Have you ever wondered why do we come across the wrong ones if the right one is to be found later? I have come to a conclusion, you can never value something good unless you’ve tasted worse. So there is nothing wrong about the wrong ones. You get to learn something good from the wrongs.


God does have an impeccable and immaculate timing, He gives you the thing you need at a time when you can value it the most. Imagine giving a toy to a kid even before she asks, or probably on the first request, they’ll probably get bored of it in a day or two. This is because they don’t know it’s worth. If the kid has to wait for sometime, learn to behave nicely if she wants to get that toy, now that toy is valuable and earned. This is not just with kids, every human is the same. So work hard, give your best, if it’s meant for you, you’ll get it, if not then you’ll get something worthy of your attention.

So believe in your efforts,  be determined,  and have faith in God’s timing.

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